Pectin vs. Gelatin: What is in Your Gummy?

Pectin vs. Gelatin: What is in Your Gummy?

There are a lot of criteria when choosing cannabis gummies: CBD/THC content and ratios, flavors, consistency. But there's one criterion that perhaps you've never considered: whether the gummies are made from animal by-product. 

A  majority of cannabis gummies use gelatin as a base.

While it is often said that gelatin is made from "horses' hooves," that hasn't been true for a very long time. But the reality isn't much better: gelatin is made from the skin, bones, and connective tissue of livestock animals, as a by-product of meat and leather production. These days, pigs are the main source of gelatin.

Vegan gummies use pectin.

For that reason, you might want to opt instead for vegan gummies, such as Wana Brands which are made with pectin. You don't have to be a vegetarian or vegan to want to avoid animal by-products in your cannabis edibles because let’s face it, that just sounds unappetizing. 

Pectin comes from citrus fruits.

Animal welfare and health aren't the only considerations. Pectin makes for a higher-quality product overall. It tastes better and has a better texture. Pectin is a fibrous component of fruits and vegetables. The kind that is used in foods is usually derived from citrus fruits. Wana tested more than 30 types of fruit pectin resulting in gummies that are the perfect consistency, and taste juicy, like real fruit.

An ideal choice for cannabis infused gummies.

Wana gummies are hand-crafted, with all-natural coloring, flavoring, and sugar, are gluten-free, and contain no mineral oil or artificial sweeteners, both of which can cause stomach upset. Wana gummies are infused with premium tinctures during the cooking process to ensure optimal taste and consistency, and come in a wide range of flavors and cannabinoid blends, from 100% THC to CBD-dominant ratios, and everything in between. All are lab-tested to ensure reliability and consistency. 

A novel, quick acting gummy.

Wana recently launched the Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies featuring fast-acting technology and a novel edible experience. Traditional edibles can take up to two hours to feel the effects, a downside for many people. With the Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies, you'll feel the effects in just 5-15 minutes! In addition, these unique gummies have Delta-9-THC effects, similar to an inhalation effect, and last just up to three hours, versus the usual six hours with other edibles. So consuming is not such an investment of time.

Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies are all-natural, contain no high fructose corn syrup, and of course, are vegan with pectin. They come in three happy hour flavors:

What’s not to love?

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