Weed and Music

Weed and Music

Many people know that a good song and marijuana can be a match made in heaven. Learn why that may be and about cannabis strains to try with different music genres to help you find some bliss.

Also, we are sponsoring the upcoming Juneteenth Music Festival this month in Denver so keep reading to learn more!

Cannabis and music go together

Whether you are gearing up to finally go to a live music concert with friends, make music, DJ, or enjoy listening to music while partaking in cannabis you probably know that weed and music go very nicely together.

Many songs about weed and their lyrics pay homage to this fruitful relationship such as “Soothe me with your caress, sweet marijuana” sung by Gertrude Michael in 1934. Or “I’m in love with Mary Jane” from Rick James, “I Wanna Get High”, a song by Cypress Hill, and “Smoke Two Joints”, a classic stoner tune by Sublime. There are so many songs inspired by cannabis!

Cannabis and music brain studies

Although many claims are anecdotal, there have been studies that help us understand why weed and music together create feelings of euphoria and connectedness.

Music has been known to activate and enhance our mesolimbic dopamine system, which is the nervous system’s reward pathway where the brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in feelings of pleasure.

Marijuana activates the mesolimbic dopamine system as well. So it makes sense that the brain is chemically reinforcing using weed and listening to music and associating them together over time. This also includes associating people and environments who are present at your weed and music experience.

Cannabis also influences our perception of music. One study found that users who smoked cannabis and listened to music activated brain areas associated with increased attention to the sound but with less mental energy. This could result in being more in the moment with music while high and with a more compressed and vivid memory of the experience.

Cannabis strains to pair with music genres

If you’re wondering whether an indica or sativa dominant cannabis strain is better while listening to music, it depends on the terpenes of the strain, on your body, what you are doing, and the type of music. So while we know that the experience is personal to each individual, here are five of our favorite in-house strains and different music genres to try together for some good vibes.

1. Tres Kush with Trip-Hop or Lo-Fi

Tres Kush is a result of crossbreeding the heavy-hitting Pure Kush strain with the fragrant hybrid Tres Dawg strain. It touts citrus orange and sweet gassy tastes and smells combined with body relaxing effects but with a clear-headed high. Therefore, this indica dominant hybrid strain may be good to zone out, relax and feel soothing dreamy sounds, mesmerizing instrumentals, trippy vocals, and heady beats of Trip-Hop or Lo-Fi music.

2. Jack Flash with Dub, Reggae or Ska

Jack Flash may be a good sativa dominant strain to enjoy while jamming out to Dub, Reggae, or Ska music for some sunny daytime vibes. Bred originally by Sensi Seeds who have grown Jamaican strains, Jack Flash is a cross between Jack Herer, Super Skunk, and Haze. With mentally invigorating effects and floral and spicy aroma, it may greatly complement the positive energy and skank dancing these genres inspire.

3. Red Headed Stranger with Country or Rock

Red Headed Stranger is a sativa dominant strain named after the 1975 Willie Nelson album. Its effects can be energizing and uplifting and so it may be a good experience to smoke this strain while listening to the imaginative soulful songs of the album. It’s also described as great for socializing or focus, which may help you get into tantalizing guitar hooks and the energizing nature of a rock concert.

4. Mountain Thunder with Jazz or Hip Hop

Mountain Thunder is an earthy sativa dominant strain with terpinolene as a top terpene which can have sedating effects. It’s an uplifting strain but without the racy effects of some sativas so you can fully saturate into dope beats, scratches and follow invigorating raps or soulful lyrics of a Hip Hop song. Or it may help to fully absorb and feel the improvisational flow of piano notes, playful horns or smooth drums of a Jazz song.

5. Afgooey with Ambient or Acoustic Music

Afgooey is a classic indica dominant strain with piney skunky aromas that promote creativity but with calming effects. Myrcene is a top terpene in the strain that can help with muscle relaxation. So it may be good while doing some gentle yin yoga poses or before bed while you zone out to the lush electronic soundscapes or delicate drums of ambient music or soothing acoustic guitars.

Juneteenth Music Festival in Denver

If you’re looking for an upcoming live music event, here’s a fun Denver music festival to add to your list! LivWell is a proud sponsor of the 10th annual Juneteenth Music Festival happening June 18-20 in Denver featuring double Platinum recording artists 112. The commemoration and festival promote the celebration of a significant event in U.S. history, the ending of slavery in 1865.

The Juneteenth Music Festival features three days of music, food vendors, activities, educational panels, and a parade at various locations in Denver to commemorate this important event. You can support by attending and donating, all proceeds will go to JMF Corporation. JPF Corp is a non-profit organization whose mission is to celebrate freedom and promote inclusivity, educational and economic empowerment, and support of the humanities. So join in the fun, support a good cause and enjoy responsibly!

Learn more about the Juneteenth Music Festival at www.juneteenthmusicfestival.com/

We hope this Denver music festival, knowledge of why weed and music go together and cannabis strains and music pairings help you find lots of happiness!

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