Where Can You Enjoy Cannabis in Colorado?

November 23, 2023

Colorado, renowned for its progressive approach to cannabis legalization, offers numerous opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy their favorite strain of green. That said, there are still rules to follow and places where you can and cannot partake in your favorite cannabis products. In this guide, we'll delve into the various spaces where you can legally consume cannabis in Colorado, helping you make the most of your experience while staying on the right side of the law.

Colorado Marijuana Laws: The Basics

To fully grasp where you can and cannot consume cannabis in Colorado, you need to be familiar with the state's marijuana laws. Breaking those rules can result in fines, community service, and worse. To make sure you’re able to keep your record clean, we'll outline some essential basics of Colorado's cannabis regulations:

Where Can You Smoke Marijuana in Colorado?

When it comes to enjoying cannabis in Colorado, your options extend far beyond your own home. The Centennial State offers several cannabis-friendly spaces for residents and tourists alike. They include:

Personal Private Property

If you're a Colorado resident, your private property is generally a safe space to consume cannabis—provided you’re not being a nuisance to your neighbors (and local laws don’t prohibit certain areas of your residence). Keeping your marijuana enjoyment within the confines of your home or property and out of the prying eyes of neighbors is perfectly acceptable. 

420-Friendly Lodgings & Campgrounds

Tourists and campers can find accommodations that are cannabis-friendly. Certain lodgings and campgrounds permit cannabis consumption, creating a relaxed atmosphere for cannabis enthusiasts. Before booking your accommodations, make sure that they explicitly allow cannabis use.

Cannabis Events & Tours

In Colorado, various events and tours cater to cannabis enthusiasts, including those new to the scene. From educational cannabis tours to immersive experiences, these events provide a legal space to consume while learning more about the plant's history and culture. They also are a great way to meet other green-minded individuals who share your passion. 

Consumption Lounges

Consumption lounges have been on the rise in Colorado, offering a social setting for cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you prefer to vape, smoke, or consume cannabis edibles, these lounges provide a controlled and legalized environment for enjoying your favorite products. If you’re planning on visiting one of these places, double check if you can get cannabis there, or nearby, or if you have to bring your own. 

Members-Only Clubs

Members-only clubs are also emerging as safe spaces for cannabis consumption. These private clubs require membership for entry and typically provide a secure environment for enjoying your cannabis products. This is a great way to meet a dedicated group of cannabis enthusiasts who are there to have as good of a time as you are, regularly. 

Where Are Consumers NOT Allowed to Enjoy Marijuana in Colorado?

While there are several cannabis-friendly spaces in Colorado, it's equally important to recognize where cannabis consumption remains prohibited. These places include:

Public Property

Consuming cannabis in public spaces, such as parks or sidewalks, is illegal—and for good reason. In public spaces, you’re around a whole variety of different people, including kids. Be sure to keep your marijuana under wraps when out in public.

National Parks & Federal Land

National parks and federal lands within Colorado are subject to federal law, which still classifies cannabis as illegal. This means that cannabis consumption in these areas is against the law, so you should definitely keep your cannabis safely stored at home for any hiking trips in national parks or on federal land.

Hotels, Cabins, Rentals

Most hotels, cabins, and rentals maintain a no-smoking policy, which applies to cannabis as well. However, some establishments offer 420-friendly accommodations, so be sure to check the rules before you book your stay. If you end up somewhere that doesn’t allow cannabis consumption, you can always ask a front desk attendant if there are places nearby where cannabis can be enjoyed.

Ski Resorts

Technically, ski resorts are either public property or on federal land. As such, these resorts in Colorado do not permit cannabis consumption on their premises. You may find private property where you can ski and enjoy your cannabis, but just remember that skiing can be dangerous, and coupling that with the effects marijuana can have on your endocannabinoid system may result in injury.

Restaurants, Cafes, Bars

Although Colorado has made significant strides in cannabis legalization, you cannot consume cannabis in most restaurants, cafes, or bars. There are some places, however, that offer patios and outdoor designated areas for consumption. If you’re interested in bringing your cannabis with you, be sure to call ahead and ask first. 

Other Colorado Consumption Rules to Consider

Besides recognizing where you can and cannot consume cannabis, you should be aware of other essential rules and regulations to ensure you don’t have any unfortunate run-ins with the law. Here are a few important things to know:

Cannabis Products Cannot Leave the State

Because marijuana is still federally illegal, cannabis products, including flower, edibles, and concentrates, cannot cross state lines. It's essential to consume or dispose of any remaining products before leaving Colorado.

Understand Possession Limits

The state imposes specific possession limits for cannabis (two ounces), but there are also purchase limits. You can purchase an ounce of marijuana, eight grams of concentrates, or 800 mg of THC in one day. This is more than enough cannabis for most enthusiasts. 

Check Hyper Local Laws

Whether you're smoking in Denver or Pueblo, Colorado allows individual counties and municipalities to establish their own cannabis regulations. For instance, in some places, you can’t enjoy cannabis outside, even if you’re on your own property, if your property isn’t hidden by a fence. Knowing these rules is going to be crucial to staying compliant.

Understanding Where You Can Smoke in Colorado

Navigating cannabis-friendly spaces in Colorado is fairly easy because businesses want you to be able to enjoy yourself. That said, everyone—from cannabis newbies to seasoned connoisseurs—needs to know that there are some spots you simply can’t spark up. By following state laws and respecting private property rights, you can embrace the unique cannabis culture that Colorado has to offer without getting in trouble. 

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