Craft strives to produce some of the more innovative cannabis products on the market, and we think they’ve done a pretty good job of it.

Craft’s infused cones are a divine marriage of high quality plants and potent concentrate oil. Starting with top-shelf flower, these cones are infused with either their Sesh PHO wax, or Panacea live resin. This blend of flower and concentrate results in a highly flavorful, potent introduction to mixed concentrates. Craft’s joints are then rolled and hand checked, ensuring perfect consistency and a smooth burn every time.

Additionally, Craft’s Sesh line of concentrates is made from handpicked cannabis flowers produced by Colorado’s finest growers. They use only full-flower cannabis material with an added dash of curated plant terpenes to create the strain specific products in Sesh’s lineup. Versatile, yet consistent, Sesh has something for everyone and for every occasion. Sesh products are available in wax, cartridge, distillate, and infused pre-roll cones.

Lastly, Craft’s Panacea line is for the connoisseurs. This is the most luxurious experience the company provides when it comes to cannabis concentrates. Panacea’s innovative lineup uses in-house grown, full-flower cannabis material of the highest quality; whether it’s their “High-C,” Live Resin, Wax, Distillate, or any other product infused with Panacea, rest assured that it bares Craft’s meticulous seal of approval. High-C is their most potent product: short for High Cannabinoids, High-C is made up of pure THC crystals, while still maintaining its clean, strain specific flavor. Panacea’s Live Resin is another potent and tasty option, overflowing with cannabis terpenes that are loaded with flavor and contribute to the highly sought-after entourage effect.

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