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More About Whole Flower

Whole flower is available at LivWell dispensaries in a variety of strain types and potencies. Our premium buds are locally grown and harvested for freshness. Premium flower is often considered the top-shelf product in any dispensary. These dense nuggets are selected for their size, shape, and density. Covered in rich, colorful trichomes, premium flower buds are hand-trimmed to ensure the finished product is flavorful and aromatic.

There are two things you need to consider when you’re purchasing marijuana flower—how you’re going to consume it and what sort of experience you’re looking to have. For example, potency shifts depending on the strain of marijuana flower. Some of our buds may have as little as 10% THC, while others can have over a whopping 30%. Some of our marijuana flower can contain CBD as well, which may affect the way you experience the strain. Our selection allows you to experience different levels of potency and THC-to-CBD ratios while also indulging in new scents and tastes.

Once you’ve determined what you’re looking for in your flower, decide how you want to consume it. Flower can be smoked, vaped, rolled in rolling papers or blunt wrappers, packed into a hand pipe or water pipe, and even used to make edibles, concentrates and more. Depending on your preferred way of consuming cannabis flower, you may need to pick up a few cannabis accessories to make sure you can enjoy it.

For more information about loose whole flower at LivWell, speak to one of our expert budtenders. They can help you find the right product and strain to fit your needs.