Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Ordering

Follow these instructions to place an order at

  1. Select your Pickup Location to see all products available at that dispensary location.
  2. To narrow down the products use the filters for Category, Brand, or Type.
  3. Click on a product to see the product details.
  4. Enter how many units you want and click the Add to Cart button.
  5. Click Continue Shopping or the Proceed to Checkout button.
  6. Enter your contact information and select your pickup date/time. (You can order up to 24 hours in advance.)
  7. Review your order & click Place Order.
  8. You'll receive an email and text confirming your order and a QR code you'll show to pick up your order.
  9. Come to your selected location at your chosen time. We do our best to have your order ready when you arrive but understand there may be a wait depending on volume.

Virtually all products we carry in stores are available to order online except shake and some accessories.

After placing your order online, you’ll receive a confirmation email and text that includes a QR code. When you arrive at our dispensary or provisioning center, please have this QR code readily available so we can scan it when you check-in.

Yes, as long as they are at least 21, you can have someone else pick up your online order for you. However, if you are a LivWell Rewards member points cannot be earned or redeemed on your account. Instead, they will be added to the Rewards account of the person picking up the order. Please have them bring the confirmation email with the QR code (or a screenshot of it) so we can easily locate your order.

If you are in Michigan, you may not have someone else pick up your online order for you.

When placing your order online, you will select a desired pick-up time. You will receive an email and text confirming your order and pickup time. You'll also receive reminder texts. Please arrive at the dispensary at the time you selected.  Any orders not picked up within three hours of your scheduled pickup time will be re-shelved for sale. Please note that you can only place orders up to 24 hours in advance.

You will pay when you pick up your order at your chosen dispensary. You can pay as usual with cash or a debit card with a PIN number. All of our locations also have in-store ATMs available for withdrawals.

Yes, we accept orders up to 24 hours in advance. Any orders not picked up within three hours of your selected pick-up time will be re-shelved for sale.

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division issued an order allowing dispensaries to remain open with a comprehensive list of safety requirements. It includes strict social distancing and the constant sanitation of surfaces, among many other essential measures that are in place at each LivWell location.

Our goal is to provide the safest and most compliant shopping experience possible. We take every precaution we can to ensure that all of our customers are able to keep getting their cannabis during this time.

This does not apply in Michigan.

Your order total with estimated taxes is calculated when you checkout online. All discounts, coupons, and Rewards credits will be applied when you pick up your order.

Yes. When our budtender reviews your order with you, you can ask them to add items to your order. Please note this will add to your wait time.

No. Delivery service is not available at this time.

Buying Cannabis

As a recreational customer, you can purchase up to one ounce or its equivalent of cannabis at a time. 

  • 8 grams of concentrate = 1 ounce of flower
  • 800mg of infused products (edibles, tincture, etc.) = 1 ounce of flower

As a medical customer, patients that aren’t on Extended Plant Count can purchase up to 2 ounces of cannabis flower and its equivalent for infused products at a time. See FAQs for new medical marijuana concentrate rules.

  • For medical patients, 21 years of age or older, the new marijuana concentrate limit is 8 grams 
  • For medical patients between the ages of 18 - 20, the new marijuana concentrate limit is 2 grams
  • 20,000mg of infused products (edibles, tinctures, etc.) = 2 ounces of medical flower

Medical customers in Michigan can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marihuana or its equivalent as a daily limit. Medical customers are allowed to purchase up to 10 ounces as a monthly limit.

The daily limit in Michigan is determined by the total weight of the product. Here are the daily purchase limits in Michigan for marijuana edibles, concentrates, and topicals.

  • 70 grams or 70,000mg of concentrate
  • 40 ounces or 1,134 grams net weight of solid edibles
  • 90 ounces net weight of liquid edibles
  • 40 ounces or 1,134 grams net weight of topicals

Adult use customers in Michigan can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of marihuana or its equivalent, or up to 15 grams of concentrate, as a daily limit.

This breaks down as:

  • 2.5 ounces of marihuana flower
  • 15 grams of concentrate
  • 40 ounces or 1,134 grams net weight of sold edibles
  • 90 fluid ounces of marihuana infused liquid products (beverages, topicals, tinctures)

As long as you’re 21 or older, absolutely! Just have an unexpired form of ID with you that shows your birth date. You’ll need to use your passport as an ID if you’re from outside the States. Please note that it is illegal to transport cannabis outside of Colorado.

Out-of-state patients are allowed to buy up to the daily Medical purchase limit (2.5 ounces of cannabis or its equivalent) but they are required to have their out-of-state medical card to make a purchase in a Michigan Provisioning Center. Also, have an unexpired form of ID with you that shows your birth date. You'll need to use your passport as an ID if you're from outside the United States. Please note that it is illegal to transport cannabis outside of Michigan.*

*The LivWell Warren, MI location does not currently accept out-of-state Medical Marijuana cards.

Out of state adult-use customers are allowed to buy up to the transactional limit (2.5 ounces of marihuana flower or its equivalent, or 15 grams of concentrate), but they are required to have an unexpired form of ID that shows their birth date. Customers need to use their passport as an ID if they are from outside the United States. Please note that it is illegal to transport cannabis outside of Michigan.

There is no difference between the actual marijuana that medical patients and recreational customers can buy. Some infused products are available in higher potencies on the medical side than on the recreational side, but the quality of cannabis products is the same across all of our shelves. The real difference between recreational and medical cannabis is the amount that customers can legally purchase in one day.

Currently, we are unable to accept credit cards, but all of our locations have ATM machines available on site. We are also able to conduct cashless ATM transactions using a debit card with a PIN number.

We can only accept returns for products that are defective or damaged. This includes any products that are broken, cracked, leaking, or otherwise unusable due to factors not caused by the customer. You’ll need to bring in the product itself, along with the relevant sales receipt, to the store you bought it from within three days of the initial purchase. Medicated product returns can be credited towards new purchases (certain restrictions may apply), or they can be exchanged for the same product. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for medicated product purchases.

Despite all of the ID checking that occurs in marijuana dispensaries, the law entitles recreational customers to anonymity when purchasing legal cannabis. That means that we will never record your name or contact information, or give it to the government.

This does not apply to medical patients in Colorado or Michigan.

On the recreational side, all you’ll need is a valid, unexpired form of ID with your birth date listed. We do accept digital IDs on your phone as long as it's through a state-registered app (not just a screenshot). If you’re visiting from another country, you’ll need to have your passport handy. 

To shop at a medical dispensary, you must have your Colorado state medical card. Out-of-state medical cards are not accepted at LivWell in Colorado. If you are shopping at a Michigan Provisioning Center, you must have your Michigan Medical Marijuana Card. Out-of-state medical cards are accepted at LivWell in Michigan.

LivWell offers three grades of high-quality cannabis - pre-weigh, gold and platinum. In Colorado, LivWell offers Gold and Platinum shelf loose flower. In Michigan, LivWell offers Gold shelf loose flower and Platinum flower in pre-packaged sealed containers.

  • Pre-Weigh flower is our pre-packaged flower option and the most affordable. The buds can be in a variety of shapes and sizes as they receive a single machine trim and come from various parts of the plant. We typically offer two to three rotating strain options.
  • Gold Shelf flower is a noticeable step up from our pre-weigh offerings. With larger buds that receive two rounds of trimming, the flower on our Gold Shelf has a higher terpene content than our pre-weigh flower, as well as a higher degree of trichome development. 
  • Platinum Shelf, our top tier flower, is among the best buds that money can buy. Selected from the top cuts of our plants for their size and trichome density, Platinum buds are cured on the branch and meticulously trimmed by hand. This flower has the highest levels of terpene and trichome content out of our three options and is well-loved by our most discerning cannaseur shoppers.

New Colorado medical patients can shop for up to 35 days with their new application and a valid form of ID between Monday and Friday, 8 am-5 pm only. Patients who recently renewed their medical card must wait for the new card to come in the mail before shopping. Please note: if your old medical card is still valid, you may shop with that until you receive the new one or until the old one expires.

New Michigan medical patients cannot use their medical application paperwork to shop. They will receive an email once they submit their paperwork that serves as a temporary registry card. Patients can shop with this email and a valid form of ID until they receive their official patient registry identification card. The temporary registry card email is valid for 30 days from the date of receipt. This also applies to patients who recently renewed their medical cards.

Consuming Cannabis

In both Colorado and Michigan, you can consume cannabis legally on private property. Please remember that vehicles do not constitute private property. You can also consume cannabis legally at any retail marijuana hospitality business, as long as you are in a designated consumption area.

It is illegal to consume marijuana or marijuana-infused products openly or publicly in the state of Colorado and Michigan, or at any location that is accessible to the public. As the law currently stands, cannabis can only be consumed on private property or in the consumption area of a retail marijuana hospitality business.

We recommend that you get to your veterinarian as soon as possible. If you’re able to act within 30 minutes of the time of ingestion, the vet may induce vomiting to remove as much of the material as possible before absorption. This greatly reduces the potential for a harmful reaction. Owners should not attempt to make dogs vomit, since complications such as choking and aspiration could occur.

Additional treatments that may be administered include IV fluids and oral activated charcoal, which can help absorb the cannabis in your pet’s system. With appropriate, intervention by a veterinarian, cannabis toxicity is almost never fatal and long-term side effects are extremely rare.

Although dosage is completely dependent on the individual: tolerance level, metabolism, environment, the type of product, and more all factor into what constitutes a “standard” dose of THC. For edibles, a standard dose for recreational customers as defined by Colorado law is 10mg THC. Michigan also lists 10mg THC in edibles as a good starting point for most people. With all forms of cannabis, we highly encourage you to follow the “start low, go slow” rule.

Unfortunately, cannabis can only be legally consumed on private property or in a retail marijuana hospitality business in both Colorado and Michigan. The right to possess or consume marijuana and marijuana-infused products does not apply to federal lands within the state of Colorado or Michigan, including national parks, national forests, national monuments, and any other federal property. Please be aware that many ski areas are located on federal land.

Cannabis Laws

Yes, however cannabis can’t be stored within the vehicle in any area that is readily accessible by the driver or passengers. It is illegal to transport cannabis products across state lines, and offenders can be charged with drug trafficking. Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal, dangerous, and can result in a DUI in both Colorado and Michigan.

It is illegal to sell cannabis products without a license. It is also illegal to give cannabis products to anyone under the age of 21.

It is illegal to transport marijuana products purchased in Colorado or Michigan across state lines and offenders can be charged with drug trafficking.

Adults can give recreational marijuana to other adults (age 21 or above) provided that no money is exchanged, and the receiving party does not exceed their legal limit for possession. (Cannot be gifted with monetary consideration.)

In Michigan, you can give another consenting adult up to the purchase limit of 2.5 ounces of marijuana with no more than 15 grams of concentrate).

It is illegal to drive after consuming marijuana, and offenders can be cited with a DUI in both Colorado and Michigan.

As long as you’re in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, you can! Just check your state’s laws on the number of plants that residents are legally permitted to grow.

In Colorado, 21+ adults can grow up to six marijuana plants at their personal residence for personal use as long as it is not visible from a public place and the plants are enclosed and locked away. No more than three of the plants can be flowering at one time.

In Michigan, adults 21+ can grow up to 12 marijuana plants (medical or adult-use) per household and not per person. If you are growing medical marijuana you must be a licensed patient or caregiver. Each caregiver can grow up to 12 plants for each patient and may have up to five patients. For medical or recreational use, the plants must be grown indoors at their personal residence as long as it is not visible from a public place.