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Want to enjoy cannabis but prefer not to smoke? No problem. Edibles are the perfect option for you. Cannabis edibles are food products infused with cannabis extract. While marijuana brownies might be the most popular edible on the market, edibles actually come in a variety of forms, including gummies, chocolates, marinades, biscuits, crackers, beverages, and more, and they provide a tasty alternative to smoking or vaping. 

While everyone is different, there are just some things that many of us can agree on. Here are just a handful of the reasons cannabis enthusiasts love edibles:

  • They’re long lasting. While it may take a little longer for that initial onset (particularly if you’re enjoying edibles that need to be digested), once the effects kick in, they can last for several hours. This makes edibles a good option for people who want to enjoy the effects of cannabis for a longer period of time.

  • They’re discrete. We all know when someone is smoking cannabis. The delicious aroma of cannabis flower can easily fill a room. Some cannabis enthusiasts prefer a more private approach when enjoying their cannabis. Edibles offer that option, while also coming in a variety of sizes. 

  • They’re easy to dose. There are plenty of easy-to-dose cannabis products on the market, and edibles purchased from a dispensary happen to be one of them. Enjoy a tiny amount at a time until you find the right amount for your tolerance levels. 

  • They can work in just about any recipe. You can purchase or make your own cannabutter or cannaoil at home using our marijuana flower. Cannabis butter and oil can replace oil and butter in just about any recipe, but if you prefer not to use butter or oil, you can also drop a tincture into your favorite drink or food.

  • They don’t (always) taste like marijuana. It’s true, some people prefer not to smell or taste the classic marijuana flavors. Certain edibles have their terpenes removed, making them scentless and flavorless.

If your taste buds are tingling to try edibles, visit your favorite budtender at your local dispensary. They’ll be able to show you our selection of edibles, so you can pick something that suits your craving.