Viola X Iverson 96 Live Badder 1g

By Viola
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Strain: Indica Dominant
THC: 1000 mg
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Indica-Dominant Hybrid The first strain in the Iverson Collection, ‘96 references the year cultural icon Allen Iverson was drafted into the NBA in 1996. A ‘96 is an Indica-dominant cross between Secret Kush Mints and Purple Urkle Glue. A bright blond and slick consistency, our ‘96 badder has a signature pungent aroma with ripe berry notes, grape and hints of pine. LOCALLY GROWN AT VIOLA GARDENS IN DENVER, CO GENETIC CROSS: SECRET KUSH MINTS X PURPLE URKLE GLUE SMELL / TASTE: FRUITY/HERBACEOUS/HOPS EFFECT: EUPHORIC, SEDATIVE, FULL-BODY