Triangle Deluxe No1 Platinum Pw 3.5g

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Triangle Deluxe is an indica dominant hybrid with sticky tight buds that have a distinct sweet and citrus odor, mixed with diesels and sour hints. It tastes are fuel and earthy with sweet lemons and citrus tying it together. This plant has robust, dense nugs that have a multicolored blend of purple, green and blues topped with a shiny trichome finish. The product is potent and will have euphoric and pain relieving effects. It has amazing euphoric body high that will leave you melting away on your couch. This high comes on almost immediately after exhaling with a wave of relaxation. Lineage: OGKB x Triangle Kush x Triangle Kush x Josh D's OG Our patented nitrogen packaging hermetically seals cannabis in a food- grade container for ultimate freshness and longevity. The cans are also recyclable, making them one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions available on the market today.