What is a Joint Roller & How Do You Use It?

April 25, 2024

Do you dream of rolling the perfect joint? This rolling-rite-of-passage is within your reach in a few easy steps with the aid of a joint roller, which can give you the perfectly rolled joint every time. Find out more about the simple, yet ingenious device and how to use a joint rolling machine.

What is a Joint Roller?

A joint roller is a small device that helps you roll a uniform joint, since it distributes the cannabis evenly in a rolling paper. Joint rollers are made from metal or plastic and have a holding chamber and two rollers in a frame. The device is ideal if you haven’t yet developed the skills or patience for hand-rolling or if you want to quickly crank out a couple of joints.

What are the Different Types of Joint Rollers?

Joint rollers come in various designs and sizes that cater to different needs and preferences. Here are the four most common types of joint roller machines:

  • Thumb rollers, or manual rolling machines, are the most common and budget-friendly.  
  • Injectors, also called rolling machines, load cannabis into empty cigarette tubes. 
  • Cone fillers are also an injector, which adds ground cannabis to pre-rolled cones. 
  • Electric rollers automate the rolling process. Press the button, and the automatic joint roller does the rest.

What Materials Do You Need? 

Here are the materials you need before you start rolling: 

  • Cannabis flower
  • A grinder
  • A filter (optional)
  • Rolling paper

How to Use a Joint Roller [6 Steps]

Wondering how to roll a joint with a joint roller? Follow these 6 easy steps to roll the perfect cannabis joint:

Step 1: Grind the Flower

Use a grinder to break down 0.5 to 1.5 grams of cannabis flower into a fine, even consistency.

Step 2: Load the Joint Roller 

Open the rolling machine and evenly spread the ground cannabis in the holding chamber. Don’t overfill the chamber if you need to leave space for the filter. Plus, overfilling the joint with cannabis results in an uneven burn.  

Step 3: Add the Filter (Optional)

If you want to use a crutch or filter tip, place it at the end of the groove. The filter acts as a mouthpiece, preventing the cannabis from falling out.

Step 4: Close the Rollers

Close the rollers and turn them toward you a few times to pack the cannabis snugly in the joint space. 

Step 5: Insert the Paper

Insert a rolling paper with the adhesive strip at the top and facing you between the rollers.


Step 6: Roll the Joint

Roll the closest roller toward you so the paper can wrap around the cannabis. Continue rolling until you can see only the adhesive strip. Lick the glue strip and complete the roll to seal the joint. Open the roller and remove your joint.

Expert Tips for Using a Joint Roller

Want to ensure you get the most out of your rolling machine? Follow these top expert tips:

  • Spend the Money - Investing in a quality joint roller ensures durability and a better roll than a cheap machine. A device with vinyl rolling sheaths rolls either too tightly or unevenly, causing the joint to canoe and making it challenging to draw. A high-quality roller will close firmly, preventing your cannabis from flying out with a loose close. 

  • Don’t Overfill - It’s difficult to close the roller when it’s overfilled with cannabis. Plus, it may tear the paper, meaning you’ll have to start at step 2 again. 

  • Choose the Right Papers - The machine can only roll joints with a rolling paper that matches its size. Talk to your budtender if you’re unsure about the right paper for your joint roller.

FAQs About Joint Roller Machines

If you have more questions about joint roller devices, check out these frequently asked questions from other canna-connoisseurs:

What size joint will a roller make? 
Joint roller machines can make a standard 1¼”, 5” (blunt-sized), or king-sized joint.       

Do I need filters or tips for a roller? 
You don’t need to use a filter with a joint rolling machine. However, a crutch or filter tip can improve the structure of the joint and prevent the cannabis from falling out of the joint or entering your mouth.  

Does the roller compact the joint tight enough? 
The roller can compact the joint tight enough, but this depends on the user and how evenly the cannabis is spread in the groove.  

Are joint rollers reusable?
Absolutely! You can use your joint roller over and over again. 

Are joint rollers easy to use for beginners?
Joint rolling devices streamline the rolling process, making them ideal for beginners.

Using a Joint Roller

Making a joint with a joint roller is quick and easy, whether you are a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or new to the scene. Experiment with different materials and techniques to find what works best for you, or chat with your budtender if you have more questions. Happy rolling! 

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