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Best Cannabis Strains for Beginners
Listen, if you’re new to cannabis, you shouldn’t start with a high THC strain like White Widow, but then, what are you supposed to try? Whether you plan on microdosing or having a full-on session, we’ve got you covered. Think of us as your cannabis sherpa—we’re going to guide you through the things to know—and the things to avoid—to make the most o
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Cannabis Decarboxylation: What Is It, How It Works, Why It’s Important
When you first get into cannabis, you might think that people smoke flower because it’s convenient, and it’s their preferred way of consuming marijuana. While those things aren’t necessarily untrue, there’s actually a reason cannabis needs to be heated, or decarboxylated. In this entry to our cannabis glossary, we’re going to talk about decarboxyla
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Infused Pre-Rolls: What Are They & How Are They Made?
Do you love flower and concentrates, but don’t want to have to just pick one? Love smoking flower, but hate rolling your own products or packing a pipe? Infused pre-rolls are the perfect solution for you. You can enjoy your flower and your concentrate without the mess of grinding and rolling your own marijuana. In the latest entry to our cannabis g
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What is Cannabis Sativa: Characteristics, Top Strains, & More
One of the first terms you’ll learn when building your own personal cannabis glossary is “sativa.” It’s quickly followed by “indica” and “hybrid” because they are the three prominent classifications for how you’ll purchase your marijuana at a dispensary. But what does sativa actually mean? What does science say about what sativa can do in the body?
What is Cannabis Indica: Characteristics, Top Strains, & More
What is Cannabis Indica: Characteristics, Top Strains, & More
If you plan on going to shop for marijuana, you’re going to discover quickly that it’s classified in three different ways—indica, sativa, and hybrids. Here, we’re going to break down what we know about indica marijuana for our cannabis glossary, sharing everything from what it is to the ways it’s different from the other classifications. And of cou
How to Be a Smart Marijuana Shopper & Save Money
Dear Budtender - My dispensary runs are getting expensive! Can you give me some tips on how to save money on marijuana?  From, Budget Shopper Dear Budget Shopper - Nothing’s cheap these days, and marijuana is no exception. To help our customers, and customers of dispensaries around the country, we’ve put together a little guide to help you get smar