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Dispensaries in Denver, CO

Get to Know the Medical & Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Denver

Denver dispensaries have become synonymous with the marijuana industry in Colorado, serving as focal points for both medical patients and recreational users. As one of the nation’s hubs for cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike, the Mile High City integrates this infamous plant into many different facets of its culture and economy.

Dispensaries in Denver

The first LivWell dispensary opened in Denver’s South Broadway neighborhood in 2010. Today, we operate 10 Denver dispensaries, as well as dozens of others across Colorado and Michigan.

  • Take a trek through the hip downtown Denver neighborhoods filled with unique eateries, vintage shops, and the best nightlife at our Broadway, Highlands, and RiNo dispensaries. 

  • Visiting the famous City Park, home to the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science? Our City Park dispensary is there for all your cannabis needs.

  • If you’re taking in the Denver music scene in the North Capitol Hill neighborhood, be sure to stop by our Uptown store.

  • You can also enjoy the unique retail stores, beautiful open spaces, and sports fields when you’re checking out our Colorado Boulevard, Central Park, and Evans dispensaries.

  • If you find yourself near the Denver International Airport, both our Denver Tech Center and Tower Road dispensaries are nearby.

Just remember to leave your cannabis products at home while you explore all that Denver has to offer.

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Important Things to Know About Cannabis in Denver

Denver may be famous for its cannabis culture, but there are a ton of misconceptions around what is and is not permitted. Here are some of the most important things to know about marijuana in Denver.

You will need a valid, government-issued photo ID to enter any Denver dispensary.

Prices for marijuana flower vary depending on the location, strain, and weight. Take a look at our flower prices page to get a better idea on what you can expect to pay at a LivWell Denver dispensary.

Yes, our dispensaries throughout Denver offer deli-style service. This means you are able to choose the exact flower buds you’d like to purchase. You can even smell them beforehand!

Anyone who is 21+ and has a valid, government-issued photo ID can visit a dispensary in Denver.

Cannabis consumption in Denver - and the entire state of Colorado - is limited to private property, which includes cannabis-specific venues. For more information, visit our guide to consumption laws.

The majority of Denver dispensaries are recreational, and many also serve medical marijuana patients.

All recreational marijuana purchases in Denver are subject to the Colorado dispensary limits. As a shopper, you are able to purchase: 

  • Up to 1 ounce of flower; OR 
  • Up to 8 grams of concentrates; OR 
  • Up to 800 milligrams of edibles; OR Up to 8,000 milligrams of vapes. 

Read more in our guide to cannabis purchase limits in Colorado.

Nope! There are many dispensaries in Denver that accept debit card payments–including LivWell. However, it’s recommended to have cash on hand in case the store you’re visiting does not offer debit payments.

There is no limit to how many dispensaries you can visit in one day, but every recreational shopper is subject to the purchase and possession limits set by the state.

Unfortunately Colorado does not honor medical marijuana cards that were issued by other states.