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Recreational Flower Prices

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1/8 oz

(Save $5)



1/4 oz




1/2 oz

(Save $5)



1 oz

(Save $10)



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Medical Member Flower Prices

Flower QuantitiesPre-Weigh Loyalty PricingGold Shelf Loyalty PricingPlatinum Shelf Loyalty Pricing

1/8 oz




1/2 oz

(Save $10)

(Save $8)

(Save $19)

1 oz

(Save $25)

(Save $12)

(Save $36)

2 oz

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(Save $24)

(Save $73)

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Growing cannabis to exacting standards.

From our state-of-the-art equipment and lighting to our proprietary fertilizer, our marijuana strains are consistently grown and produce some of the cleanest cannabis you can find. In fact, LivWell led the cannabis industry in adopting natural pest management, using beneficial insects to grow healthy and abundant plants. And our indoor hydroponic grow is an optimal environment to grow marijuana without outside contaminants. All of this, combined with our continuous research of strains and innovative agricultural practices allows us to bring you the highest quality cannabis at the most affordable price.