Guide on How to Properly Store Marijuana Flower & Products

Here are some tips on the best ways to store your cannabis flower, concentrates, and edibles so that they are fresh and last as long as you need them. Because who doesn’t love the best taste, smell, potency, and condition of your weed right up until it’s gone?

Keep in mind that the best method for storing marijuana depends on how long you intend to keep it and its consistency and nature. And remember to always keep it locked away and labeled for safekeeping. There are a ton of safe cannabis storage options on the market that have locks and are designed to be childproofed.

How to store cannabis flower

When storing your bud, it’s best to separate your cannabis strains from each other to maintain their individual flavor profiles. Here are a few other tips on how to store cannabis.

Glass is best

flower jarIf you store your cannabis flower properly it can last up to a year. The best storage type for marijuana flower is an air-tight glass container. You can use glass mason jars or purchase special glass jars made for storing your weed.

Glass jars won’t affect the taste like metal containers and won’t cause static as plastic does. Plastic containers or bags are ok for transporting your cannabis buds short-term, but the static can fry those sugary trichomes over time.

Humidity is important

It’s best to put your bud in its container in a cool and dark place so it doesn’t get too much light and heat, which can cause it to dry and degrade. If you live in Colorado you know that it gets very dry here. So if you notice that your bud looks a little dry you can place an orange peel or wet cotton ball into the container to re-moisturize it.

However, you don’t want your flower to get too much moisture because it causes mold and microbial contamination. Cannabis should be stored below 65 percent RH to remain safe for consumption. So, if you really want to get precise on the humidity level, get Boveda humidity control packs for your weed jar.

Putting flower in a refrigerator may cause fluctuations in humidity and temperature so don’t store your marijuana buds in the fridge. Also, don’t store them in the freezer as it will cause the trichomes to become brittle and break off.

How to store cannabis concentrates


altThe best storage containers for your cannabis concentrates depend on the consistency of the extract. For creamy concentrates like budder, sauce, sugar, or crumble use the smallest possible glass jar with a plastic twist top so there’s no extra space for air. The glass makes it easy to scoop these types of concentrates right off.

For storing concentrates short-term you can consider using medical-grade silicone jars, which are good for scraping off but most aren’t airtight. Another short-term marijuana storage option is plastic jars, although with stickier concentrates it’s harder to scrape them off.

Parchment paper is good for short-term storage of concentrates like shatter. Cut just enough for the amount and keep it folded up to protect from outside elements. For medium-term storage put the parchment in a food storage bag or air-tight container.

For long-term storage, you can put your airtight container with concentrate in the refrigerator to help preserve aroma and potency.

How to store cannabis edibles

If you're wondering how to store edibles, in general, all cannabis edibles should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. It’s also super important to lock them away to keep them out of reach from children and pets.

Store-bought edibles

Full Melt Caramels bagSofter edibles like gummies or caramels should be stored to minimize air exposure. For caramels or sticky edibles, it’s ideal to have each piece individually wrapped. You can put the edibles in air-tight containers like mylar bags or child-resistant squeeze top containers that many store-bought edibles come with.

For baked goods, it’s best to store them at room temperature and do not refrigerate them as that will dry them out. However, they can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months.

For chocolate edibles, you can wrap any leftovers in foil and store them or keep them in their air-tight containers. Chocolate can last 8-10 months but if you want it to last a few more months you could store it in the refrigerator labeled and in an airtight container.

Unopened edible drinks can last 6-9 months in a cool location like a dark pantry or refrigerator. Tinctures can last for a year or more in a cool dry place.

Home-made edibles

If you choose to make your own infused edibles (try Sweet Grass cannabutter), and you have leftovers, consider labeling them with the date they were made. You can vacuum seal them in food bags or put them in food-safe containers. Just remember to keep them locked away, labeled, and stored in an airtight container.

We hope these tips on how to store cannabis help keep your weed fresh and in top-notch condition!

Use of Marijuana Concentrate may lead to: Psychotic symptoms and/or Psychotic disorder (delusions, hallucinations, or difficulty distinguishing reality); Mental Health Symptoms/Problems; Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) (uncontrolled and repetitive vomiting); Cannabis use disorder/dependence, including physical and psychological dependence.   Please consume responsibly. This product may cause impairment and may be habit forming. There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product.  State laws impact what dispensaries can and can’t sell to recreational customers and medical marijuana patients. Not every type of product, consumption method, dosage form, or potency mentioned on this blog will be permitted in all locations.

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