What Are THC Diamonds & Liquid Diamonds?

May 13, 2024

Diamonds are a type of cannabis concentrate that earned its name due to its crystalline appearance. Available as both a solid and a liquid, these popular extracts are extremely potent, so it’s important to fully understand THC diamonds before partaking. In this guide, we’ll explain everything about THC diamonds and liquid diamonds.

How Are THC Diamonds Created?

Diamonds begin as THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, which is why you may see them referred to as “THCA diamonds” or “THCA crystals.” The THCA is extracted from the cannabis plant in a process called diamond mining, which is done through either the closed-loop extraction method or the crystalline method.1

The finished product is an extremely potent concentrate that can contain up to 99% THCA.2 When diamonds are decarboxylated–exposed to heat or light–the THCA converts to THC to produce psychoactive effects.

What Are Liquid THC Diamonds & How Are They Different?

Both liquid diamonds and THC diamonds are known for their potency and concentration, but there are significant differences between the two. Liquid diamonds are a mixture of THCA diamonds and live resin, which means it has the potency of diamonds with the flavorful experience of the live resin.

You can also think of it this way: liquid diamonds are like a rich, multi-layered cake while THC diamonds are more like a concentrated espresso shot. Both are delicious, but preferred for different experiences.

How Strong Are THC Diamonds?

THC diamonds, regardless of the form, are among the most potent cannabis concentrates available, boasting THC levels that can exceed 99%.1 The strength can vary depending on purity and extraction method, but even small doses are incredibly strong. Beginners should be aware and seek advice from a qualified budtender before trying this concentrate. 

How Do You Smoke THC Diamonds?

Solid crystalline THC diamonds can be consumed several different ways:

  • Dabbing: After heating a dab rig, place a small amount of THC diamonds on the heated nail or banger to smoke the concentrate.

  • Smoking: Whether you’re rolling a joint or packing a bowl with ground flower, you can place a small amount of THC diamonds on top of the flower. When the joint or bowl is lit, the diamonds will combust with the flower to produce a potent smoke.

  • Vaping: Be sure your vape pen is compatible with and specific for concentrates. Break off a small piece of the diamond and place it into the concentrate chamber. After setting the vape to the recommended temperature (around 315-450℉), the vape pen will heat the diamonds, releasing their potent vapor for consumption without combustion.2

  • Edibles: butter or cannabis-infused oil can be enhanced with THC diamonds, which then can be used in your favorite edible recipe.

How Do You Smoke Liquid Diamonds?

Due to the difference in consistency, consumption methods for liquid diamonds are going to be different. First, make sure you have a dab rig or vape pen that is compatible with liquid concentrates. For best consistency, liquid diamonds should be at room temperature. 

  • Dabbing: Once you heat the dab rig’s nail, you can add a small amount of liquid diamonds to the heated nail or banger, where they will vaporize.

  • Vaping: After adding the liquid diamonds into the vape pen (be sure it’s a vape that’s specifically created for concentrates), the liquid diamonds will heat and vaporize the concentrated vapor. 

  • Vape Cartridge: Many dispensaries carry liquid diamonds in vape cartridge form, which can be screwed onto your battery and enjoyed the same as a distillate vape.

How Do THC Diamonds Compare to Other Concentrates?

Even though there are many similarities among different types of cannabis concentrates, their differences are significant and can impact taste, potency, and consumption methods.

Diamonds vs Terp Sauce

Diamonds and terp sauce are very different types of concentrates designed to fit different cannabis enthusiasts' needs. Terp sauce is known for being extremely flavorful, closely mimicking the flower from which it was extracted. THC diamonds, on the other hand, are extremely potent but largely flavorless.

Diamonds vs Shatter

In addition to high cannabis concentrations and potency, both THC diamonds and shatter also can be consumed by smoking, vaping, or edibles. The primary difference between the two is in its physical state: shatter is hard like glass but is also easily breakable. THC diamonds, on the other hand, are small, difficult to break, and shaped like diamonds.

Diamonds vs Crumble

It’s easy to see the difference between THC diamonds and crumble: diamonds are clear and look like precious gems, and crumble looks like a crumbly chunk of feta cheese. Crumble is less potent and is preferred more for its taste than potency, whereas diamonds are preferred more for their potency and lack of a distinctive flavor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As with most products available in dispensaries, customers often come to our budtenders with questions. Here are a few of the most popular:

Can I make diamonds or liquid diamonds at home?
No. Not only is it extremely dangerous–requiring both specific equipment and flammable solvents–but depending on your location, producing cannabis concentrates may be legally restricted. 

Are THC diamonds expensive?
THC diamonds are more expensive than other cannabis concentrates, due to their higher concentration, purity, and quality standards.

Can you eat THC diamonds?
You can’t eat THC diamonds directly, but you can use THC diamonds when making edibles –  but they need to be decarboxylated first. 

Buying THC Diamonds & Liquid Diamonds

Curious about THC diamonds and liquid diamonds? These cannabis concentrates can be found in a variety of types, potency, and strains. Talk with your budtender as you shop for concentrates and find the diamonds that are right for you.

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