How Much is a Quarter of Cannabis & What Can You Do With It?

December 20, 2023

If you’re new to the world of cannabis, one of the first things that you’ll notice is that it’s rich with terminology and measurements. And oftentimes, they’re really confusing; especially when it deals with measurements. When you’re purchasing cannabis flower, one term you’ll encounter is a “quarter.” In this guide, we'll break down what a quarter of cannabis is, explore its visual representation, discuss its cost, and delve into the various ways you can make the most of this quantity. 

What is a Quarter?

Cannabis is measured in both ounces and grams—confusing, we know. What you need to know is that an ounce is 28 grams. From there, it becomes a lot clearer. A quarter (also called a quad) is a quarter of an ounce or seven grams of marijuana. For many cannabis enthusiasts, this is the goldilocks of cannabis measurements. It’s not so little marijuana that you can only have a session or two before you’re out, but it’s not so much that if you end up hating the strain, you feel like you’ve wasted a bunch of money.

What Does a Quarter of Cannabis Look Like?

Not all quarters look alike, just like not all cannabis strains look alike. If you prefer a strain that grows giant, fat buds, a quarter could be just a couple of nuggets of cannabis. If you like strains with tightly bound, smaller buds, a quarter could look like quite a haul. In general, a quarter of cannabis can fit in one palm, maybe two palms if you have small hands. For many cannabis enthusiasts who consume cannabis regularly, a quarter can get you through a week of regular consumption.

How Much Does a Quarter Ounce of Flower Cost?

The cost of a quarter of cannabis can fluctuate based on several factors, including location, strain popularity, and local regulations (aka taxes). If you’re purchasing some premium, top-shelf flower, you’re going to pay premium, top-shelf prices. Conversely, if you purchase a quarter of popcorn, you’re going to pay less. In general, a quarter will run you anywhere between just under $50 to just under $150 without factoring in your state’s tax structure.

What Can You Do with a Quarter of Flower?

If you’re new to cannabis, a quarter of flower is going to be plenty of bud to keep you stocked. Regularly enjoying it will take a week, maybe longer, and if you’re an infrequent consumer, it could last significantly longer as long as you store flower properly. Here are a few ways you can use your quarter of flower:

Roll 6 - 7 Joints

A quarter of cannabis provides enough material to roll approximately six to seven, one-gram joints, offering multiple sessions of enjoyment. If you’re not interested in perfecting your rolling technique, a quarter of marijuana will get you about 10, average-sized, packed bowls.

  Cannabis joint on a white background

Pack 30 One-Hitters

For a discreet and efficient smoking experience, a quarter of cannabis can fill around 30 one-hitter pipes. One-hitters are a great option for those who prefer smaller, measured doses.

  Pink glass one-hitter with a small amount of cannabis in the bowl

Roll 6 - 7 Blunts

If you enjoy the slow burn and flavor complexity of a blunt, you’ll get about six or seven one-gram blunts out of a quarter. This ensures that you’ve got a blunt a day to enjoy.

  Cannabis blunt in light brown paper on a white background

How Long Will a Quarter Last?

The longevity of a quarter largely depends on your own consumption habits. For moderate cannabis enthusiasts, a quarter could last a couple of weeks, while heavier consumers may go through a quarter in a week. If you’re not sure how quickly you’ll go through a quarter, purchase one and see. It’s a lot better to not purchase enough cannabis than to purchase too much and let it go to waste. 

How Does a Quarter Compare to Other Marijuana Measurements?

Remember how we said there are a lot of different measurements? To make it a little easier, let’s put a quarter into perspective by comparing it to other common cannabis measurements:

How Many Grams Are in a Quarter of Marijuana?

A quarter of marijuana is equivalent to approximately seven grams. This is about the weight of seven sticks of gum.

How Many Eighths Are in a Quarter of Marijuana?

A quarter of marijuana is composed of two eighths, each eighth weighing around 3.5 grams. A penny weighs three grams, so an eighth is just a tiny bit heavier than that.

How Many Quarters in an Ounce?

An ounce of marijuana is equivalent to 4 quarters. A full ounce of marijuana weighs 28 grams—about the weight of a slice of bread.

Answering FAQs About a Quarter of Cannabis

It’s normal to have questions about measurements, so never be afraid to ask your budtender if you need help while in the dispensary. Here are a few things to know to make you look like a seasoned cannabis expert:

Can I legally possess a quarter of flower?
In most states, yes, you can possess a quarter of flower. If you’re not sure what your state’s rules are, be sure to do your research. In any case, your budtender will ensure you’re a smart dispensary shopper and won’t allow you to purchase more than what is allowed.

Is 3.5 grams of cannabis a quarter?
No, 3.5 grams is commonly referred to as an eighth of cannabis, not a quarter.

Is two eighths a quad?
Yes, in cannabis slang, two-eighths make up a "quad," short for a quarter of an ounce. 

Buying a Quarter of Flower

There is a lot you can do with a quarter of flower whether you’re shopping for beginner strains or something a little heavier hitting. From rolling joints to packing one-hitters, a quarter allows for multiple sessions of enjoyment. If you find a strain you really love, getting a quarter is a great way to treat yourself for the week or longer. 

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