Citrus-Flavored Strains for Summertime

May 15, 2024

Have fun in the sun and add a zesty burst of citrus to enhance those long, lazy summer days. Make your taste buds zing with our favorite summer canna-flavors.

What Are Citrus Terpenes?

Terpenes, produced in the resin glands of the cannabis flower, are aromatic compounds that contribute to the cannabis plant’s flavor, scent, and effects. The terpenes and the cannabinoids produce the entourage effect, where these compounds work better together than separately.1

Citrus terpenes stand out for their fresh and punchy aroma, reminiscent of summer orchards. These terps are primarily responsible for the lemony, grapefruit, and orange scents and flavors, making these cannabis strains perfect for summertime.

Here are two citrus terpenes commonly found in marijuana strains:

  • Limonene - This terpene is also found in lemon, orange rind, and juniper, and used in cosmetics and cleaning products. If limonene is a dominant terpene, like in the Jet Fuel Gelato strain, you’ll find that the cannabis strain has a pleasant lemon-like smell and sweet, citrusy taste.2

  • Myrcene - If you like the hoppy, peppery taste of beer, you can think myrcene! The terpene is also found in lemongrass, basil, and cardamom. In cannabis strains, like Lemon Haze and Purple Kush, myrcene is responsible for the mildly sweet, spicy, herbaceous, and earthy flavor and aroma.3 Cannabis users also report that cannabis strains high in myrcene taste like ripe mangoes, and this terpene is abundant in tropical fruit.4

Grapefruit Strains

Grapefruits are winter fruits, but why should you miss out on the sweet, bitter, and tangy taste during summer? With these top grapefruit strains, you won’t have to: 


Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

The classic Grapefruit strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, with a 70% sativa to 30% indica ratio. Grapefruit was created by crossbreeding tropical-tasting Cinderella 99 with an unknown landrace strain. The strain has a moderate to high THC level of 20-25%, which means it is not good for beginners.5 Expect a grapefruit aroma and taste profile as Grapefruit is sweetly tropical.

Grapefruit Durban

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

The Grapefruit Durban strain packs a punch with 21-25% THC content.6 The highly sativa-dominant strain combines the traditional attributes of Durban Poison’s spicy, herbaceous, pine, and sage flavor with Grapefruit’s citrus notes. The celebrity child has an earthy, woodsy, and citrusy flavor, but you’ll also get hints of spicy grapefruit. 

Grapefruit Kush

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

The indica-dominant Grapefruit Kush strain burns slowly and tastes like a grapefruit with a hint of sweet orange and mango:7 that’s a treat for any cannaseur. Grapefruit Kush’s parents are Bubba and Grapefruit, and the strain has an average THC level of 22%.

Orange Strains

If you love oranges, you’re in luck. These three orange cannabis strains taste and smell just like your favorite fruit:

Sweet Tea

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Sweet Tea may sound like an afternoon drink, but it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with California Orange (Cali-O), Alcatraz OG, and Space Queen for parents. It does taste like tea, but imagine sweet jasmine and orange-flavored tea with a woodsy overtone.8 The THC content of the Sweet Tea strain ranges from 22-24%, making it ideal for the experienced canna-enthusiast.

Alien Rock Candy

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Alien Rock Candy looks like it’s from outer space with its neon nugs, orange hairs, and amber-tinted resin. By marrying Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien, this 80% indica-dominant hybrid strain has a sweet and citrusy aroma with a sugary aftertaste.9 Alien Rock Candy, also called Alien Candy, has a more pungent smell that is intensely earthy, sweet, and orangey. It’s beginner-friendly with 15-19% THC content.



The Gobbstopper strain will leave you gobsmacked with its delicious flavor profile that makes your taste buds dance. Imagine a marriage between sweet berries and sour orange, and you’ll know what Gobbstopper tastes like. The strain has 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics and was bred with yummy Candy Diesel and the potent Vortex as parents. The average THC level is 14-16%.10

Lemon Strains

Tangy lemon is very refreshing on a hot summer’s day, making lemon cannabis strains a great choice during the hot months. Here are the top three lemon strains to try: 

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Enjoying gelato by the beach during summer is a must. The Lemon Cherry Gelato strain is a flavorful affair that blends the sweet taste of cherry with bright citrus lemon notes. It has an earthy pine-fresh raspberry aroma. Lemon Cherry Gelato is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid made from crossing Sunset Sherbet, Girl Scout Cookies, and an unknown strain. The THC content ranges from average to potent (19- 29%),11 so newbies should beware.

Lemon Diesel

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

As the name suggests, the Lemon Diesel strain has a pungent lemony aroma with sweet, spicy, and sour lemon flavors. The 70% indica-dominant Lemon Diesel is a creeper strain, as some enthusiasts note that the effects start later than expected. The strain is a cross between California Sour and Lost Coast OC, and it has 18-20% THC levels.12

Pink Lemonade

Indica-Dominant Hybrid

The Pink Lemonade strain will remind you of drinking a delicious pink lemonade to help cool you down. Lemon Skunk and Purple Kush were crossbred, making the 80% indica-dominant hybrid Pink Lemonade. The strain has an average THC content of 17-22% and a sweet berry candy taste with a hint of tangy lemon. The aroma of Pink Lemonade is different since it has a sour earth scent mixed with a sharp lemony herbaceousness.13

Find Your Summer Strain

These strains can make summertime much more enjoyable, as the right citrus strain can add a refreshing flavor and aroma to your day. The best cannabis strain is one that perfectly aligns with your personal preference and desired effects. Chat with your budtender to find the ideal strain for your summer needs. 

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