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Closeup on a piles of live resin cannabis concentrate
What is Live Resin & How Do You Use It?
A concentrate is a concentrates, right? Not quite. There are different grades of concentrates, with some looked at as higher quality than others. Live resin is one of those concentrates that cannabis consumers everywhere regard as a premium product that every dabbing enthusiast should try. In this guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need
Piles of colorful vape pens in all shapes and sizes
What is a Marijuana Vape Pen & How Does It Work?
Ready to try vaping? You’re not alone. Marijuana vaping is a billion-dollar industry, and it is only growing. If you’re ready to shop for your marijuana vape pen and cannabis cartridges, this is the perfect guide for you. We’ve got the answers you need to make an informed purchase at your next dispensary stop.What is a Marijuana Vape Pen?A marijuan
Seven leaves in fall colors hanging from a thin stick
Thanksgiving & Cannabis Pairings
There are certain things that just go together: Fall and pumpkin spice. Cool weather and warm jackets. Corn husks and gourds. Now, we’re introducing a newly popular pairing: Thanksgiving and cannabis. For this holiday, don’t put away the cannabis. Rather, check out all the ways you can bring your favorite bud into the festivities. Cannabis and Dank
Small bud of cannabis flower on a white table
Best Cannabis Strains for Beginners
Listen, if you’re new to cannabis, you shouldn’t start with a high THC strain like White Widow, but then, what are you supposed to try? Whether you plan on microdosing or having a full-on session, we’ve got you covered. Think of us as your cannabis sherpa—we’re going to guide you through the things to know—and the things to avoid—to make the most o
Small amount of shatter concentrate on white wax paper
What is Shatter & How Do You Smoke It?
There are all different cannabis concentrates on the market, but shatter is a real fan favorite. Its unique appearance coupled with its potency make it a must-have for any dabber. Add to that the fact that it's easy to load onto the nail because it’s a solid piece of concentrate? You’ve got a recipe for just why shatter is so popular. In this guide
Moonrock smoldering in a wooden cannabis pipe on a black background
Moon Rocks: What Are They, How Are They Made, and How Do I Smoke Them?
It seems like with every new day, there’s a new product on the market that’s making waves. While moon rocks aren’t entirely new, they are growing in popularity. In this cannabis glossary entry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about this unique combination of flower, concentrate, and kief. What are Moon Rocks?Moon rocks are a product off
Small jar of white cream sitting on top of a green leaf
What Are Cannabis Topicals & How Do They Work?
If skincare is your thing, you’re going to want to stop what you’re doing and read this. Cannabis topicals are becoming more and more popular, and they come in a bunch of different forms, ensuring most cannabis enthusiasts can find a product that works for them. In this guide, we’ll demystify this unique form of cannabis and explain everything you
Orange liquid with black blobs floating through it and bubbles on top
What is Butane Hash Oil & How Do You Smoke It?
In recent years, the world of cannabis consumption has seen a surge in the popularity of various concentrates, and one of the most widely used and sought-after products is butane hash oil. Butane hash oil, often referred to as BHO, is a potent category of cannabis concentrates known for their high THC content and versatile applications. In this art
Large pumpkin on a black background with a cannabis leaf on the front
10 Spooky Strains for an Infused Halloween
What’s not to love about Halloween? It means cooler weather, longer nights, creepy movies, and haunted decorations. While we could go on about our favorite ghouls and goblins during this scary season, we’re going to celebrate in the only way we know how—sharing our top 10 chilling cannabis strains. Now, you can make sure you incorporate marijuana i
Small stream of black liquid pouring into a black puddle
Rick Simpson Oil (RSO): What is It, How is It Made, & More
Spend any time in the concentrate world, and you’re going to hear about Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Its famed reputation spans both the recreational marijuana world and the medical marijuana market. For this addition to the cannabis glossary, we’ll share everything we know both about RSO’s storied past and the ways it’s being consumed today. What is RS
Plain orange lighter on a table
Cannabis Decarboxylation: What Is It, How It Works, Why It’s Important
When you first get into cannabis, you might think that people smoke flower because it’s convenient, and it’s their preferred way of consuming marijuana. While those things aren’t necessarily untrue, there’s actually a reason cannabis needs to be heated, or decarboxylated. In this entry to our cannabis glossary, we’re going to talk about decarboxyla
Cannabis flower spilling out of a jar next to ground flower in a grinder
Kief: What Is It, How It's Made, What Is It Used For, & How To Consume
If you're a cannabis enthusiast who enjoys flower, you’ve probably heard the term kief, and you likely know that it’s a prized part of your flower. Kief contains much of the magic of marijuana, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, so it’s worth learning about, and if you love top-shelf flower, it’s definitely worth collecting. Here, we
Dab rig on a table with a torch and concentrate
What is Dabbing Concentrates & How Do You Do It?
Fascinated by concentrates like budder, shatter, rosin, and wax? If you’re planning on trying different types of concentrates, you’ll also want to polish up on your dabbing skills. Dabbing, the latest addition to our cannabis glossary, isn’t the only method you can use to consume some cannabis concentrates, but it is one that is growing in populari
Lighter on table next two three pre-rolls
Infused Pre-Rolls: What Are They & How Are They Made?
Do you love flower and concentrates, but don’t want to have to just pick one? Love smoking flower, but hate rolling your own products or packing a pipe? Infused pre-rolls are the perfect solution for you. You can enjoy your flower and your concentrate without the mess of grinding and rolling your own marijuana. In the latest entry to our cannabis g
Marijuana shake in a metal container next to a cannabis plant
What is Marijuana Shake: How It’s Made & How to Consume
When it comes to cannabis flower, every part is valuable and useful–even those small pieces that naturally fall off the bud as it’s being handled or stored. This product is called marijuana shake, and it’s the next topic in our cannabis glossary. In this guide, we’re going to celebrate all the great things about shake, as well as how cannabis enthu
Closeup on a leaf with six small water droplets clustered around a larger water droplet
What Is the Entourage Effect & How Does It Work?
There’s a reason we talk about all our favorite cannabinoids in our cannabis glossary—they each have their own individual effects when they enter our body. The same is true for the terpenes and flavonoids found in marijuana. While these little compounds are powerful on their own, they are even more powerful together, which is why it’s important to
Cannabis sativa plants growing outside with the sun setting the in the background
What is Cannabis Sativa: Characteristics, Top Strains, & More
One of the first terms you’ll learn when building your own personal cannabis glossary is “sativa.” It’s quickly followed by “indica” and “hybrid” because they are the three prominent classifications for how you’ll purchase your marijuana at a dispensary. But what does sativa actually mean? What does science say about what sativa can do in the body?
What is Cannabis Indica: Characteristics, Top Strains, & More
What is Cannabis Indica: Characteristics, Top Strains, & More
If you plan on going to shop for marijuana, you’re going to discover quickly that it’s classified in three different ways—indica, sativa, and hybrids. Here, we’re going to break down what we know about indica marijuana for our cannabis glossary, sharing everything from what it is to the ways it’s different from the other classifications. And of cou
Cannabis vape pen next to a pile of gummies and a clear container of cannabis flower
THC Cartridges: What Are They & How Do They Work?
There are few cannabis products on the market that are as easy to use and convenient as THC cartridges. From their portability to their customization (just about anyone can find a formula and strain they enjoy), THC cartridges are popular for a reason. Here, we’ll give you the details you need to give THC vape cartridges a try.What are THC Vape Car
What is Hybrid Cannabis: Characteristics, Top Strains, & More
There are two ways strains come into this world—landrace, which means they grow wild in a particular location, and hybrids, which means somewhere along the line, two strains were crossed to make something unique. We’re here to talk to you about those unique strains and dive deep into the topic of hybrid cannabis.What is Hybrid Cannabis?Check any ca
Cannabis: What is It, Uses, Types, & More
It’s pretty easy to assume that we’re all here right now because we love marijuana. The smell. The taste. The effects. There are a variety of reasons why cannabis is a billion dollar industry in the United States. But what is it? How do we use it? What can the cannabis plant be turned into? These are just some of the questions we plan to answer in
THC Explained: What Is It, How Does It Work, Types, & More
Do you know that feeling you get when you consume marijuana? It’s sometimes hard to describe outside of using the slang term “high” or, more acceptably, “intoxicated.” That feeling you get is because of THC, among other cannabinoids. That tiny compound can cause anything from a mild to an intense reaction inside our bodies, throwing our endocannabi
What Are Cannabis Edibles & How Do They Work?
Outside of terpene-rich cannabis products like top-shelf flower and high-quality concentrates, edibles are probably the most delicious cannabis products stocking our shelves. They’re the perfect option for cannabis enthusiasts who prefer not to inhale their product or who simply want to infuse their favorite treat or candy with cannabis extract.Wha
What Are Cannabis Concentrates: Types, How They’re Made, & How To Use
Concentrates have been around for thousands of years and consumed around the world. It’s fair to say, though, that our technology for making these unique marijuana products has improved since then. Today, we’re able to create concentrates that include every compound we love in cannabis, and we’re also able to create products that isolate just a sin
Trichomes Explained: What Are They & How Do They Work?
Trichomes make cannabinoids and terpenes; protect the plant from outside influences, like creepy crawlies and windy days; and contain compounds researchers are studying as potential treatments for medical conditions. So whether you’re new to cannabis or you’ve been around the cannablock, you should get to know trichomes. What are Cannabis Trichomes
What is Medical Marijuana & How Can You Purchase It?
Consuming marijuana for medicinal purposes isn’t new—people have been doing it for centuries. Over the last couple of decades, however, states across the US have been both exploring and enacting medical marijuana programs. So let’s talk about it.What is Medical Marijuana?Medical marijuana is cannabis that is recommended by healthcare providers for
Guide to Cannabidiol (CBD): Understanding What It Is & How It Works
It’s hard to walk into any store these days and not see some kind of CBD product. It might be a CBD candle or CBD deodorant, it could be CBD oil or CBD gummies. The industry is growing exponentially, but what is CBD? How does it work? And, more importantly, does it actually work? These are just some of the questions we’re going to answer in this gu
What is the Endocannabinoid System & What Does It Do?
We all know that things feel a little different after we consume cannabis, but no two experiences are the same. A strain may make one person feel incredibly tired, while a different person may feel ready to take on the day. The differences in cannabis experiences are directly related to how cannabis interacts with our endocannabinoid system. This r
Where Can You Smoke Marijuana In Colorado?
So you’re visiting Colorado, bought marijuana legally, and are looking for cannabis-friendly spaces to consume it. Keep reading to learn where you can and can’t smoke in Colorado, and if you are a local you may learn something new!Although some businesses had to close due to the pandemic, there is still plenty offering cannabis hospitality to get e
Closeup of a bright green cannabis plant
What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?
The main differences between indica and sativa cannabis plants are how they look and their genetic traits. These determine things like effects and aromas. However, almost all marijuana strains today are hybrids.Effects and factorsThe effects of sativa dominant strains are often described as cerebral, euphoric, uplifting, and energizing. The effects
Visiting a Colorado Cannabis Dispensary for the First Time
So you’ve finally decided to make your first trip to a Colorado dispensary, but you have no clue what to do, what to ask for, or what you even need to bring. Don’t stress, you’re not alone. We get calls all the time from new cannabis enthusiasts who are looking for advice and insight before they visit one of our dispensaries. To make it a little ea
Marijuana Buying Guide for Michigan Tourists
Marijuana Buying Guide for Michigan Tourists
Michigan residents were thrilled when recreational marijuana was legalized in the state, and naturally, it also drew the attention and excitement of some of our neighbors who are interested in experiencing marijuana but can’t get it at home. This interest grew into a cannabis tourism industry in Michigan—one you can benefit from as long as you know
What is a Bubbler & How Do You Use It?
There are so many terms, both official and slang, that cannabis enthusiasts use to describe their marijuana, the tools they use to consume it, and even their fellow enthusiasts. “Bubbler” just happens to be one of those terms. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. What is a Bubbler?A bubbler, also known as a glass bubbler or bubbler pipe, is a smaller,
Overview of Cannabis Etiquette 101
Cannabis consumption has always had a social element to it, whether it was used for religious practices or community interaction. While cannabis has grown in popularity, certain unspoken rules have developed with it. As marijuana continues to be legalized around the country, and more cannabis enthusiasts are able to explore their love of bud, it’s
Budtender Tipping Etiquette 101: How Much Should You Tip?
Dear Budtender - I’ve seen tip jars sitting out on the dispensary counters, but I’m never sure how much to contribute! What do you recommend? From, A (not cheap) CustomerDear (not cheap) Customer - An excellent and much-appreciated question! There’s a ton of information to go through here, so we’ll try to cover everything for those who want to know
What Are The Different Types of Cannabinoids And What Do They Do?
Cannabinoids are one of the key reasons why our locations around the country are so popular among cannabis enthusiasts. Every day, people pop in looking for the experience these little compounds can provide for them. But what actually are they? You probably know THC and CBD, but how do they work? What do they do? What do we know about them? You’ve
Marijuana Dispensaries: Are They the Same Thing as Marijuana Stores?
Buying marijuana for the first time can be a little bit intimidating—find out how and where you can legally purchase cannabis products.With the legalization of cannabis, more people are becoming interested in cannabis products and what they can offer. Of course, in order to obtain the benefits that come with marijuana use, you will need a place to
Cannabis Strains and Sandwiches
Cannabis strains and sandwiches—they go together like peanut butter and jelly. And just like perfect pairings, we’ve met one of our matches—the holy hoagie heads over at Cheba Hut. With over a dozen locations across Colorado and many more in 15 other states, Founder Scott Jennings created Cheba Hut as a shop that serves up munchie-matching sandwich
Best Cannabis Strains for Summertime
Summer is officially here, and with it are the long warm days spent outside with friends and family. While we like to enjoy cannabis every season, summertime has all the makings for some excellent recreational experiences of the year. So what recreational marijuana strains are the best for the magical days of summer? Here are a few of our summer se
What is THC Distillate?
Not all cannabis concentrates are created equally. THC distillate is known for its potency, clarity, and purity, but what exactly is it?Distillate is a type of cannabis oil that is a highly potent cannabis concentrate formulated by cannabis chemists. It can be consumed by vaporizing it in a vape pen, distillate cartridge, or dab rig. It is also fou
LivWell Budtender Training: Budtenders You Can Trust
How much do you rely on your budtender to guide your purchasing decisions? Studies show that over 90% of consumers purchase a specific product recommended by the budtender. So why do we put so much faith towards a budtender recommendation?Budtenders are often considered connoisseurs who have in-depth knowledge about cannabis and various cannabis pr
Marijuana and Music: Examining the Relationship
Many people know that a good song and marijuana can be a match made in heaven. Learn why that may be, and a brief, yet rich history of music and weed. We also suggest some cannabis strains to try with different music genres to help you find some bliss.Cannabis and music go togetherYou may be gearing up to finally go to a live music concert with fri
Guide on How to Properly Store Marijuana Flower & Products
Here are some tips on the best ways to store your cannabis flower, concentrates, and edibles so that they are fresh and last as long as you need them. Because who doesn’t love the best taste, smell, potency, and condition of your weed right up until it’s gone?Keep in mind that the best method for storing marijuana depends on how long you intend to
How to Be a Smart Marijuana Shopper & Save Money
Dear Budtender - My dispensary runs are getting expensive! Can you give me some tips on how to save money on marijuana?  From, Budget Shopper Dear Budget Shopper - Nothing’s cheap these days, and marijuana is no exception. To help our customers, and customers of dispensaries around the country, we’ve put together a little guide to help you get smar
Marijuana and Food Pairings
Cannabis and food, as many know, go hand in hand. Besides just satisfying your munchies, matching aroma and flavor profiles can accentuate or complement the tastes and effects, creating exquisite experiences.Here are some recommended consumption methods, and ways to choose the best strains for cannabis and food pairing. So, get to smelling, orderin
Microdosing THC: What It Is & Why Do It?
Dear Budtender - I recently heard of “microdosing” THC, but I’m not sure what that means. How would you explain it? From, Curious ConsumerDear Curious Consumer - Microdosing THC has become more popular as cannabis legalization spreads across the country. Here are a few answers to help you decide if microdosing is right for you.What is Microdosing?M
Becoming A Budtender: Everything You Need To Know
Dear Budtender: I want to work in a dispensary–what should I know ahead of time? From, Aspiring Budtender Dear Aspiring Budtender: We get this question all the time: what would it be like to work at a dispensary? You get to be around all of your favorite strains; learn about new cannabis products; and help both beginner and experienced cannabis ent
7 Marijuana Fun Facts You Didn't Know
You don’t have to be a botanist to appreciate the plant we all know and love. Here are a few fun science facts about this fascinating plant.1. Cultivators are obsessed with the plant's sexCannabis plants are diecious - meaning there are both female and male versions of the plant. ‘It’s a girl!’ if wispy pistils (female plant parts) are present, whe
Best Terpenes for Happiness & Enhancing Your Mood
Have you ever lit a candle after a long stressful day, looking to destress, and wondered what brought about the relief? It’s likely because the candle is made with essential oils and terpenes that omit various scents in the air to cause a pleasant reaction in your mind. Humans have been using this practice of aromatherapy for thousands of years to
Cannabis-Infused Game Day Recipes
The big game day is almost here and however you are watching, it’s a must to have excellent appetizers and drinks.These easy game day cannabis-infused recipes are made with cannabutter or cannabis tincture and are sure to delight you and your adult football-loving buddies. You may even get a cheer or pat on the back for bringing the perfect game da
Fast Acting Edibles: What They Are & How They Work
When it comes to preserving your lungs, edibles are the obvious alternative to smoking flower. But it’s not necessarily a seamless swap. While smoking or vaping produces effects right away, most marijuana edibles take between 45 and 90 minutes to kick in. Edibles also last longer, anywhere from four to six hours, and deliver what many people descri
3 Easy to Make DIY Cannabutter Cookie Recipes
If you love to bake, you must check out these tasty cookie recipes that are cannabis twists on some favorite traditional treats, compliments of our friends at Sweet Grass. The secret ingredient is Sweet Grass Cannabutter, full-flower cannabis-infused butter for a clean mind and body high that lasts. Now roll up your sleeves and dive into making the
Best Marijuana Strains for the Holidays
Tis the season of twinkling lights, decorated cookies, meals with the family, and for us, enjoying our favorite strains of holiday-friendly cannabis. There are some strains that just embody the warm smells and inviting flavors of the holidays, and they’re perfect to consume whether you’re prepping for dinner, wrapping presents, or watching your fav
Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide
Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide
The season of giving is upon us, and just in case you forgot, we now live in a place where we can give the greatest gift of all: cannabis! What went from one of the most scrutinized plants has practically hit the mainstream and continues to make leaps and bounds in the minds of even the most skeptical. Giving the gift of cannabis not only offers a
Ultimate Guide to the Anatomy of the Marijuana Plant
Although you may be familiar with the marijuana buds that we covet, many people have never seen a marijuana plant, let alone know about its anatomy. The cannabis plant is made up of many different structures and this post is meant to provide a brief introduction to the main parts of this amazing plant.FlowerCannabis flowers (a.k.a. buds) are the mo
The History of Cannabis in Colorado
The Early Days of Cannabis in ColoradoCannabis has been utilized for a variety of purposes throughout American history and was legal throughout the United States in the 1800s. Cannabis was legal at the time Colorado became a state in 1876 and remained legal until the early 1900s. In the late 1800s it was not uncommon to find cannabis tinctures in a
Marijuana Buying Guide for Colorado Tourists
Marijuana Buying Guide for Colorado Tourists
Colorado has been a long-standing participant in recreational marijuana consumption (and even longer for medical marijuana) since the first recreational dispensaries opened their doors on January 1, 2014. Now, Colorado is one of the most popular places for cannabis enthusiasts to visit from all around the country. If you’re one of the many people p
How Much Cannabis Can I Buy in Colorado?
Wondering how much weed you can buy in Colorado? While all the numbers can seem a little confusing at first, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got a breakdown to help you understand the legal limits, and what some different quantities could look like as you buy marijuana in Colorado.Cannabis Purchase LimitsAs of June 2016, Colorado marijuana laws sta
Debunking 5 Myths About Marijuana That You May Have Heard
Despite the continued growth of legal marijuana, many legislators, lawmakers, and members of the general public remain opposed to pot’s progress based on outdated ideas and misinformation.These misconceptions have resulted in millions of people missing out on numerous financial, recreational, and medicinal benefits associated with legal cannabis.He
How do Cannabis Drinks Compare to Traditional Edibles?
Have you ever considered drinking your cannabis? If not, you’re not alone. For many, it’s unchartered territory. However, cannabis-infused drinks are growing exponentially in popularity. Why?Cannabis-infused drinks have progressed leaps and bounds in flavor and consistency over the last decade. People are looking for an alternative to alcohol and w
Summertime Cannabis Recipes
This summer you may be preparing food and drinks for your BBQ, going camping, or want something to cool off. Look no further — we have some cannabis-infused recipes that are fun homemade edible options! Below are five of our favorite summertime cannabis recipes of appetizers, desserts and beverages to help you enjoy summer. Remember to start low an
Pectin vs. Gelatin: What is in Your Gummy?
There are a lot of criteria when choosing cannabis gummies: CBD/THC content and ratios, flavors, consistency. But there's one criterion that perhaps you've never considered: whether the gummies are made from animal by-product. A  majority of cannabis gummies use gelatin as a base.While it is often said that gelatin is a protein made from "horses' h
Guide on the Different Ways to Consume Cannabis
While smoking flower remains the most popular and well-known way to consume marijuana,  some people are looking for something a bit more discreet, others are turned off by the smell, and health-conscious users may be cautious about what they put in their lungs.Luckily, as the demand for legal marijuana has grown, so have the number of ways you can
What are Cannabis Tinctures & How Do You Use Them?
If you’re interested in consuming your cannabis without smoking, vaping, or eating needless calories, marijuana tinctures are a great option. They’re fast-acting, long-lasting, and easy to enjoy. All you have to do is add them to your favorite food or drink or place them directly under your tongue. If you’ve never heard of cannabis tinctures or you
Ask a Budtender: Budtender Answers Top Cannabis Questions for You
It’s thanks to the fun, passionate, and knowledgeable staff in our retail stores that LivWell is where we are today, no doubt about it. Budtenders are deep wells of cannabis knowledge and are a huge help to our customers, who rely on them to answer any questions or concerns on a daily basis. That’s why we asked one of our seasoned budtenders to tel
Finger with long black nails holding a cannabis flower bud
Dear Budtender: Cannabis Strain Guide for Your Next Date
Dear Budtender: I want to incorporate cannabis into my date night plans, but I want to choose a strain that will match the activity. Like if we’re going hiking. What do you recommend? From, Dating in DenverHi there, Dating in Denver! We often get questions about pairing strains with certain activities or social situations, as you want to get the ri
Hands tying a ribbon on a package
7 Cannabis Holiday Gift Ideas
With the gift-giving season in full swing, it’s time to knock the some gifts off your shopping list. If you’re like a lot of people, then there’s probably at least one person you’ve yet to find the perfect gift for. Perhaps they’re a minimalist who prefers experiences over things, or maybe they’re practical and only a useful gift will do–or they co
Cup of coffee with a cannabis leaf design sprinkled on top
5 Cannabis-Infused Mocktail Recipes for Home
As the leaves begin to turn from bright green hues to warmer tones of red and orange, many Coloradans will be headed to the mountains to see the aspens signal the true arrival of fall.If you’re a fan of all things autumn, this year you might want to add something new to your list of fall traditions. We recommend finding time to practice the Danish